Outliner Columns with Numbers (

I was using the Outliner to look at the word counts for all my documents and found that if you only had Title and Word Count fields selected to be shown the numbers for the word count would be at the far right of the screen like below. This is because it’s tied to the boundary of the right margin for each field. If there are only two fields and you want to make that field smaller to bring the numbers closer to the actual column field title it does not allow you to shrink it far enough. I think this is a bug because it’s a bit nonsensical to have the actual numbers for the field at the far right of the screen. This issue applies to all fields with numbers in them. The other column fields are tied to the left boundary. Why is this also not the case with the fields that use numbers?

When a third field is added then the numbers right against the words in the third field make it difficult to read. Is there a way to center the word count within the word count field if it can’t be attached to the left boundary?