Outliner Columns

Greetings all,

This might be a feature request… or, I could be missing something really simple! :stuck_out_tongue: Let me lay this out for you.

After seeing the screenshot which showed a screen with status information for each element - percent completed, date started, all that, I was immediately hooked. I’m very visual, and this kind of thing greatly appeals to me.

So, I set about trying to customize the columns in outliner mode as I’d seen on the screen. I used the selector at the right of the columns, chose the items I wanted showing… and, nothing. Looked exactly the same as before.

I combed through the program options to see if I had missed a setting, no luck. Tried a few other things, and the screen blissfully continued showing the columns visible when I began using Scrivener.

Fast forward a couple of days and multiple Anglo-Saxon witticisms later… it finally struck me that maybe the problem wasn’t that the columns were missing, just that they weren’t visible. This turned out to be the case. The right-most column was very wide, even though the data it would hold would not fill that space.

Long story short, I narrowed that column and discovered that the columns I’d added had been there all the time - hiding “behind” the project notes.

That foundation laid, here are my questions:

  1. Is there some way I, as a user, specify column widths globally, so that they are the same any time I start the program? Those wide columns would probably be ok on my desktop’s 20" widescreen monitors, but I’m using Scrivener on a notebook with a 15.4" screen.

  2. If not, could you add something to the code which will automatically apportion the columns across the outliner based upon the percentage of screen width it occupies? I can see one benefit would be that everything would be visible immediately, and you could still customize as you like.

And, one other small question about these columns: in the creation date column, can I specify the date format displayed? Hoping to show a dd/mm/yy h:m instead of dd/mm/yyyy h:m:s.

Many thanks for your time - enjoying the 035 release a lot!


Hi Russ,

Thanks, glad you’re liking 035! As far as the date, there’s no way to change this at the moment–the same date settings are used throughout the program. This might be something that could change down the line, though, so let’s keep it “Wishlist” for now.

As for the outliner columns, the behavior here is off, and I’ll double-check this is on the list to change. If it doesn’t get into 1.0 it should be a soonish update after that. Resizing the columns every time you add a new one isn’t ideal, since then you’d have to redo the widths for everything every time you decided to add a new column, and there would be issues with different editor widths and so on. But the editor ought to scroll automatically to the right to immediately display the new column you just added, letting you see what you just did and also making it clearer that you just need to scroll back and forth to see things (or resize the columns, as you like).