Outliner columns

Every time I switch to the Outliner view, all my columns have disappeared. This is getting very frustrating.

PS: I think I’ve found the solution – lock the editor, right?

This is a bug that has already been reported. It’s really irritating, but hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

Is there a list of official bugs somewhere? For a new user like me it is very tedious and difficult to sort out what is my own stupidity and what is bug-related. Searching the board doesn’t help much, too many search results, too many similar postings.

I am reluctant to post perceived flaws since it may be my false expectation of features. But I do get a bit frustrated wasting time trying to figure out s.th., only to find out later that it was buggy to start with (mostly it is still my fault, but the scale begins to tip as I delve into more advanced features)

A list of know bugs (with links to forum threads) would help a lot.