Outliner - confused by Target + Total Words + Progress

In the outliner, a folder has

  • Target: 100
  • Total Words: 50
  • Progress (bar): 0

I would have expected 50% progress, so I must have misunderstood something. Help?

“Total words” is the total in the folder and all its documents, while “Target” is for the actual folder (which in this case doesn’t have any text).

Don’t you think a more common use of “Target” will include the children, both for folders and for text documents with children. That is how it behaves when you do View/Project Targets.

Can you think of a reason otherwise?

This wouldn’t be a safe assumption. There are two types of count columns for this reason. It isn’t safe to assume that the user wants to count children as opposed to the document line by itself. So there is “Total Words” and “Words” available. Why should “Target” assume inclusion when the other counter columns do not?

Ah, I see. So these different numbers have some relationships between them that Scrivener could help make evident.

Perhaps the “targets” could be rolled up separately, just like the “totals” are rolled up. That way one can see:

  • target words + actual words for this document itself
  • target rolled-up words + actual rolled-up words from all children