Outliner empty but not corkboard

somehow i’ve managed to end up with a project where if i select multiple text documents, they show up in the corkboard just fine but when i switch to outline view the window is empty. at the top it says “Multiple Selection” and at the bottom it says “0 items”.

also, in this same project, Edit Scrivenings is disabled regardless of what i select.

the last thing i did before i noticed this problem was to duplicate a folder containing about 10 text documents. then i copied some text from a pdf, pasted it into a new document, and started splitting it into chunks.

Only the corkboard is capable of showing a multiple selection; the outliner cannot. Thus, if you have a multiple selection and switch to the outliner, nothing will show. That said, it shouldn’t actually possible to switch to the outliner when you have a multiple selection… How can I reproduce this?

ah, ok, i thought the outliner was always an alternative to the corkboard view.

after quitting and relaunching scriv again, the option to switch to outline view is disabled as it should be for multiple-selection, and edit scrivenings is working again. if it comes up again and i can figure out how to reproduce it i’ll let you know. thanks.