Outliner "Expand All" not showing contents

I am unsure whether this is a bug or an oversight, but my two Windows machines both behave differently from the instructional video for the Apple release. “Compiling a Structured Outline” at literatureandlatte.com/video … eLarge.mov

Control - 9 has no effect. Using the menu command, View - Outline - Expand All shows the title of all items but does now reveal the contents of the text items, though the video above shows that functionality on Apple. See “Home Repairs” in image below.

Bug or oversight?

Windows doesn’t currently have keyboard shortcuts for Expand All and Collapse All; Cmd-9 is specific to the Mac version. Neither version will show you the main document text of an item within the outliner, but both will display the full synopsis if that column is visible (View > Outliner Columns > Synopsis). In the Mac version the synopsis and the title are together in the same column; on Windows the synopsis is a separate column, typically to the right of the title but able to move around by dragging the column header to the right or left.

I can work with that. Thanks.