Outliner Export Encoding

I regularly need to export my outliner as a CSV. Until now I’ve been just using the default UTF-8 encoding. But I’ve just discovered that apparently Excel 2011 doesn’t support UTF-8 so certain characters such as non-breaking spaces and hypens are displaying incorrectly there.

But when I try to change the export encoding in Scrivener to one of the other options, it fails to produce any files.

Sorry for the confusion, I moved this over to Windows because I was thinking about that normal alert you get there that asks what encoding you want. Forgot about this being in the Mac for CSV (for the most part, UTF–8 is just assumed on a Mac).

Do you get any messages in the system Console? Another question, are you using the Mac App Store version? Perhaps sandboxing is getting in the way. To be clear I’m not having any issues with the feature. I just tested all three (on OS X 10.10.2) and they are identical in content and encoded correctly.

By the way, you can open a file in TextEdit and save it with a different encoding—that should at least give you a route into Excel for now. It may be expecting Windows Latin 1.

Hmm, yeah, the export seems to be working today with a different project. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if I can reproduce.

For the time being I figured I was best to just avoid the issue all together. Project replace on titles and synopses got rid of the problem characters.

Edit: and no - not the app store version.