Outliner folders. Faster way to open all.

In the Outliner I miss the option to open all folder with one click. Or one folder and subfolder with one click.
I have the novel with three principal folders: first act, second act, third act. After at each I have subfolder to separate scenes or parts of the plot. So every time I need to see the content of all files I need open each folder and subfolder.

If there is a faster way. I don’t know it. Perhaps it´s my fault.

If not, please one option to open the folders and subfolders in outliner.

Thanks, and great job.


Does section 11.2 of the user manual give you what you need?

literatureandlatte.com/docum … win-a4.pdf


Thank You. I was searching it and I didn’t find it.

I got lucky.

Happy to help.