Outliner formatting

Quick question: Is there any way to adjust the font size, color or bolding within the Outliner? I would love to make my metadata, labels, and other fields distinct.


If you go to View>Use Label Color In> and then check Outliner Rows, you get the colors you’ve chosen for your various labels in the Outliner. For instance, I have Chapters as yellow, hero’s POV as blue, heroine’s pink. If there’s a way to choose colors independent of label color, I don’t know it.

For font, if you go to Tools>Options>Appearance and then in the lower window click on the arrowhead and open the submenus under General, one of the choices is Outliner. You can select a font and size there.

Ahh, this is perfect - just what I was looking for! One last one: Is there a way to change the font of the titles at the top of the Outliner? As in the word ‘Chapter’ and ‘POV’ title fields in your example?

thanks so much.

Not that I know of.

I figured it out - Tools, Options, Appearance, Fonts, General, Menus and Windows. Of course this makes global changes, but that’s okay.