Outliner grid lines

I can’t find a way to put the grid lines in the Outliner in the latest beta release. Am I missing it, or is it just not there yet?

Gridlines aren’t implemented yet. You can set up alternating row colours, if that would help you in the meanwhile; it’s under File > Options > Appearance in the General tab.

Thanks. I figured that out myself by going to my Mac version and finding where the choice is again, which made it clear that whole section about Outliner wasn’t there yet in the Windows beta.

No, the alternating colors of rows doesn’t work for me because I use Label colors for POV and have everything show that color, so if I have several scenes in a row in one POV, they show as a solid block of that one color in Outliner. The horizontal grid lines help a lot, but it’s not a big deal now as I’m not using the Windows beta for anything but experimenting. It will have to be the real thing for me to trust it, so right now, it’s driven me to use the Mac version, even though generally I’m not a big Mac fan (got the thing thinking I’d use it for the “better” version of Scriv and Vellum, but until now I’ve stuck with Scriv on Windows).