Outliner hangs up

I can work in Scrivener with no problems until I shift to outline view and then my system hangs and as soon as I move my cursor, the ball starts spinning.
When I reproduce the error with the console open, I get this:

2007-09-22 18:49:16.477 Scrivener[4557] *** Illegal NSTableView data source (<SCRSearchResultsController: 0x4c5d430>[object class: SCRBinderDocument, number of selected objects: 0]). Must implement numberOfRowsInTableView: and tableView:objectValueForTableColumn:row:

I don’t know what this means, but I’m hoping someone else will.

Christine Kling

Hi Christine,

The error you posted is harmless, and unrelated to the hanging you report. Try downloading the 1.1 beta (1.08) from the Beta Testing forum - this fixes a known bug in the outliner that could lead to hangs. Hopefully that will solve your problem (1.08 will officially become 1.1 sometime in the next few weeks).

Thanks, Keith!

I’m back in business. Thanks for the great software and the incredible support.