Outliner - improved editing, and drag-and-drop

I’ve recently discovered the method described here for multi-column outlining. This is a major discovery, and a huge advance on my old method, which involved tables. There are a few wrinkles I’ll post about in Feedback, but there are two biggish issues that would make using this a whole lot better.

  1. Drag and Drop is a nightmare in the outliner - please make the dropzones bigger.

If you’re trying to drop an item between two others, it’s far too easy to drop it into the item above or below. The dropzone is far too narrow. It’s particularly bad when you have an indented list of items. it is extremely hard to find the place where to drop an item at top level, and I’m spending far too long agonisingly trying to move the mouse one pixl to the left to find the right spot. Surely this could be easily improved by stealing a couple of pixels from the items above and below, and to left and right, to make a bigger drop zone. (Or maybe it’s not easy at all - what do I know!)

And what is more - the selected item that you’re moving is dark blue, and when you move it you can’t see what’s beneath. It would be better if it became semi-transparent while being moved.

  1. Editing directly into the outliner is clumsy.

Why can we not edit direct into the outliner field, instead of having a drop-down box that appears when you highlight a cell? These slow up the editing process, they don’t accurately show how much text fits on a line, and worst of all they obscure the content of the rows below.

Any chance of a reply to this? I am particularly interested in the response to 2.