Outliner inconsistency (Total Words vs Total Target)

I’ve gone nuts adding things to the outliner, to see if I can keep track of EVERYTHING (thank you, custom meta-data), which necessitates narrowing some of the columns. And it wasn’t until I did that that I noticed a difference between two columns I’ve had in there for a while: Total Words vs Total Target.

Total Words is just a number: “1234”

Total Target (how many you’re aiming for in that document) is “1234 words”.

Having the word “words” tacked on there adds an ellipsis to the column when you make the column really narrow – even though I know the number refers to words. (I don’t think it can refer to anything else, can it?)

Is the word “words” really necessary there?

The reasoning is that the label “words” is there because this column can also show “chars”, if you set the target type to “Characters” in the document goal button. Since it is possible for individual documents to have their own settings, and to be listed together in the same outliner view, we need to print what type of number it is.

Oh. Had no idea people would list chars there! Thanks.