Outliner Indents

I may be missing a setting, but it seems that the “indents” or “tabs” between levels of an outline are fixed. So, when you get past a couple of levels, it can be hard to see if a certain doc is at the same “level” as a certain other doc. And you have both docs and folders on the same levels. I’ve exaggerated in the attached PDF—i.e., I rarely go to seven levels! But even at three, it would help if one could increase the indent a little between each level. I do understand why you have the set up (with the icon above or below the carat above). And it’s not a big deal, but I do get confused sometimes about what’s part of what’s part of which folder, and have to expand and contract sections a few times to figure it out.

Make sense? Thanks. David

I’m not sure if this was just you leaving some titles alone out of expediency, but I think part of the confusion here is that you have items on varying levels labelled incorrectly. Otherwise, I’m not sure what the difficulty is—all of the levels appear to be indenting correctly. Unless, for instance, that one “Level One Folder” that is actually an index card that is host to the highlighted “Level Five Document” actually is a level one item (it’s obviously not a folder). If that is the case, then something is glitchy, but to me it looks like a level 2 document beneath the similarly titled “Level One Folder.” document above it.

Jeez, I totally overcomplicated this one. I just was asking if the indents could be bigger (the same way you’d set tabs further apart).

The example—and I did unfortunately mislabel some—just confused things. I was only putting it there to show how it gets hard to look up and down and see what’s on what level when you have a lot of indented levels. David.

They just use the standard indentation, the same as in the Finder and almost everywhere else on OS X. I’m not really sure about adding a preference for this one.

Ah! Okay. I do admit this screenshot is a bit confusing, but it also doesn’t look like many books I’ve come across (and yes, I do realise you say this). :slight_smile: Or even research sections for that matter. I think under more normal usage the indenting works better. At least it does for my eyes, I can’t think of a time I’ve had to do any excessive scanning with my eyes to figure out where something is. This might be because I’ve fairly rigid in how I apply folders, document stacks, and documents—so I have a bit of a visual queue even in an isolated case halfway down the outline.