Outliner issues

I’m running the current RC.

I believe these are bugs. It there’s a solution please could someone let me know!

I’ve added a date field to the custom metadata. I have a number of items in a folder, all of which have entries in the custom metadata date field. Problems encountered:

  1. In 1.9 I used to be able to sort by the contents of the columns in the outliner, by clicking on the metadata header, which would show an arrow and would sort alphabetically. That facility seems to have disappeared.

  2. When in the outliner I highlight the folder and all of the sub-items and go File/Print current document, I get the title of the folder and each sub-item but no synopsis and no custom metadata.

  3. When I compile and make a new format for print and tick the boxes to include the folder and the sub-items and in the edit screen for the format I tick all of the boxes for Title, Metadata, Synopsis and Text, all that prints is the Folder title (just that title at the top of the page).

I was hoping to be able to reproduce the tabular structure of the outliner as it appears on the page, but in print, but even if that is not a Scrivener feature I would have expected Compile at least to have printed the Title, Metadata, Synopsis and Text, but this is not happening.


Hi Peter,

I’ll try to address each of your points in order.

  1. We now have some functionality in sorting the outliner, though it is not yet fully implemented. Please see this thread for more details: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/lh1877-sorting-columns-in-outliner-view/46906/1

  2. I have not been able to replicate this issue. What are your options set to under File > Print Settings > Outlines?

  3. I will need a bit more information to track down this issue. Would you be willing to upload a copy of the custom format you created? You can find it either inside the project folder at whatever.scrivx > Settings > Compile Formats (if it is saved as a Project Format) or in your user AppData folder if it’s saved under ‘My Formats’ (if you don’t know where that is, you can always right click on the format and move it to Project Formats).

Thanks for your help with this.