Outliner locked

I have a problem: in one of my project all files in the outliner are locked; I can’t use arrows of the keyboard to move file, except to put a file “inside” another one. I don’t know how I did that…
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That doesn’t sound like a feature to me. :slight_smile: You might try rebooting your machine, and if that doesn’t work, re-install the software. The only sort of locking that exists is the “Lock in Place” command that keeps external clicks from changing the editor. It doesn’t inhibit anything you can do inside that editor.

I think I sorted the outliner by status, synopsis or something else… And when you do that, you can’t move a file between two others files anymore for example. I redid it to verify and that’s it. So I also understood what to do to roll back -)

Indeed, if you sort the outliner, you can’t drag items around, seeing as the items aren’t in binder order so drag and drop would not be able to work out where to put anything. Just click on the column header again - clicking on it cycles between sorted ascending, sorted descending, and unsorted.

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