Outliner mode?[FIXED]


Is there a way to save display settings for the oultiner mode? I’m thinking along the lines of doing without fields such as Labels, Created Date, Modified Date, etc. I know there is a way to deactivate it, but it doesn’t stay that way the next time I load up the program and it becomes annoying to have to fix the screen to the way I want it every time I open up the proyect.

So, is there a way to make these changes permanent? Or is it just part of the missing features from the Beta?

This is a missing feature. I’m also guessing that the final version will not ship with a default that includes every single possible column too, but Lee will have to comment on that. The way it will work eventually: Each split will have its own column settings. Thus, you can use the right-split for pure title/synopsis work and the left split for an expanded data view, if you want. These settings will be saved into the project and persistent between sessions.