Outliner numbers and prologues

Is there a way to set the beginning outliner number to zero? Or a way to have it skip a prologue so that my chapter 1 is actually 1.0, etc, in the outliner? I have changed the prologue file type, but that didn’t help.


Since you’ll likely want something like that comes compile too, you could simply put your prologue in the front matter folder (outside of the draft/manuscript folder), so this way you won’t see it in the outliner, and the numbers will match.

Else, if you numbered your chapters manually in the binder, you can hide the outliner files’ number. View/Outliner options


Thanks for the suggestions, though I don’t like either option. I’d like to use the numbers and see the prologue as part of the story, since it’s part of the story. :confused:

Since your numbering is fixed (in the sense that you’ll likely always want chapter 6 to be numbered as “6”, no matter what), I think that your best option would be to temporarily number your chapters, as a prefix in their title, and turn off the outliner’s auto-numbering.

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It’s actually the opposite. I do NOT want the chapter in which I say X to be numbered 4. It may move up or down if I have to insert/remove something. It’s a shortcut and a convenience, but I was hoping for a way for the prologue not to be numbered 1.

No way that I know of.