Outliner options

Does the view/outliner options menu not stay open for everyone after making a selection? Or are we only allowed one selection at a time and then have to go through the process of opening it again and again and again if we want to change multiple options?

It’s staying open for me as I single-click to enable/disable various columns.

I was having this issue too but it seems to have gone away with Beta 36.

I am having the same problem—as soon as I click in the checkbox for a column, the list goes away, so I have to go to the View menu and down to Outliner options for every column I want to change. I’m on Beta (818046) 64-bit - 28 Jan 2020.

Use the drop down icon at the top right corner of the Outliner.

Oh, that’s the disconnect! I’m using the icon, not the View->Outline Options menu. Menus always close when you select a menu action. But the pop-up interface from the button will stay open while you select stuff. Plus, it’s a lot more convenient to get to.

I thought the OP was referring to the drop-down context menu. This was closing for me between selections in beta 35 but not beta 36.