Outliner Printing: Differentiating Keywords from Synopsis


I like to print out my synopses in the outliner mode (File > Page Settings > Scrivener > Options), and am trying to find out if it is possible to differentiate the keyword text from the synopsis text in some way - either perhaps by printing the keywords in italics, or by printing the keywords in the colours they’re allocated.

At the moment, when I print, the keywords are in the same font, font style and size as the synopsis text, so if I have several lines of keywords, it’s not always easy to see where exactly the synopsis text starts.

It’s only a minor niggle, but the outliner prints the Status text and Word Count text in italics (which helpfully makes this information stand out from the synopsis text), so I just wondered if there’s a setting I can adjust for the keyword text.

Many thank!


Thanks for the report! In fact you are describing a mistake in the formatting. When you check the keywords box in the page setup area, you’ll note it has some formatting to distinguish it from the synopsis, but somehow this got left out of the actual output. While looking at this, Keith decided to make it a single underscore instead of a double, so keywords will be underlined properly in the next update.

Generally speaking though, if you want more control over output, the compiler is capable of producing a wide variety of output. You can try experimenting with placeholder tags (that let you recall pieces of data, like <$keywords>) in title suffix/prefix field, the checkboxes in Formatting, and some of the outline based compile format-as presets. There is a lot of flexibility there, but it may take a little digging into the documentation if you’ve never used it beyond presets before, or have just designed standard bulk text outputs.

Thank you for your prompt reply. (Have only just seen this due to loss of broadband connection!)

As I say, it was only a minor niggle, so using the compiler feels overkill. But it’s great to see it’ll be sorted in the next release.