Outliner Progress Column

I would like to track the progess of individual documents. The Progress column in the Outliner is set up with what appears to be a bar that I assume should fill in as the progress goal for that document is reached. Question: How do I set up progress goals for individual text documents so that that progress is viewable from the Outliner?


Take a look in the footer bar of your text documents (the bar that shows the word and character count). On the right of it you will see a little grey target icon. Click on it, and a sheet will appear allowing you to set the target. The progress bar will then appear in the footer bar as well as in the outliner. This is described under the “Views” section of the Help file (and thus perhaps needs a more obvious place in the docs in the future…).

Hope that helps.
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Thanks for the reply, KB - found the icon and I’m good to go!