outliner - progress in folders

is there a way to connect the progress for a folder (chapter) with the total word count?

I know that folders can contain text themselves and that therefore only the total word count displays the total of the words contained in the documents within the folder. My problem is, that I can view the total word count and set a target, but the progress shows me 0 because there is no text within the folder itself. But it would be fantastic to be able to display the progress I made with regard to my target of the entire chapter.

Alternative solution:
Progress should always display the relation between TOTAL WORD COUNT and target.
Folders should sum up the targets of the textdocuments within them and automatically set the result as folder targets since most people use folders simply as containers of text documents.
But there should be an option to manually set the folder target for those people who still like to have text inside the folder documents themselves (maybe this option already exists and I simply didn’t find it??? hopefully).

Otherwise the possibility to set targets to folders is kind of… irritating. Have a look at my screenshot. First thing one notices is, that the total word count of the folder corresponds (more or less) to the target, but no progress is displayed. Frowning and then searching for the explanation it becomes clear, that the word count of the folder is 0.


I should just have waited some minutes :mrgreen: !

the solution:

link: [url]Word count on folders in outliner]

thanks mimetic mouton

Ah, glad you found that. Yes, hopefully we’ll get these in there soon, as I know people are asking for them (of course, people are asking for a lot of things… :wink:). The thing is that plenty of people do keep actual text in the folder, not just subdocuments, so there really needs to be two separate columns for this. Hang in there!