Outliner resetting itself and progress bar

Hi, I’m having some trouble with the Outliner mode, specifically the progress bar for word count with folders and the Outliner mode resetting itself.

I can set the word count for text documents and the progress bar in Outliner shows up fine.

But I need the word count progress bar for folders, which shows up as white and ‘no progress’ when i hover the mouse over it.

In Outliner, word count shows as 0 but total word count is accurate. How do I make the progress bar for folders show the total word count?

Also I find that when I change to scrivenings, then go back to outliner, all of the information (Total word count, status, progress bar) have all disapeared and I have to add everything in settings again.

Thanks for any information you can give.


Hi Emily,

It sounds like what you’re after is a progress bar for for the total target, i.e. to sum the subdocuments of your folder, not just the text within that folder document. (Remember that both folders and documents can have their own text as well as be parent containers of other documents and folders.) If that’s the case, there’s currently not a way to do this, but we do have plans to add a total progress bar in future to go with total word/character count and total target. The progress bar that exists now is just for the specific document, working in conjunction with the basic word/character count and target rather than the “total” versions. Since your folders do not contain any document text themselves (their word count is 0) the progress bar is likewise at 0.

Regarding the outliner changing, I’m aware of a bug with switching view modes that can cause the columns to reset to the default order if you have rearranged them, but that doesn’t affect the actual columns that are visible or not. Please verify though that you’re using the latest version, 1.5.7, as there was a bug fixed a while ago that did drop outliner columns. You can check Help > About Scrivener to make sure you’re up to date. Assuming you’re using 1.5.7, I tried playing just a bit with changing in and out of the outliner and Scrivenings mode but wasn’t able to reproduce the bug you’re seeing. Are there specific steps you could detail for setting up the editor and switching modes to trigger the column reset?

HI, thanks for the reply

I’m glad the progress bar isn’t just a bug. I’ll be looking forward to that being updated in the future.

With the Outliner resetting, it happens when I have the folder in scrivenings mode (so that I can edit the full chapter) then go to the full document and click Outliner. There are no columns, it just has the folder names and nothing else, I have to add the columns again.
And yes I’m on 1.5.7.


By “the full document”, do you mean the Draft folder (containing all your chapter folders, etc.) or are you clicking on a single document in the binder? I’ve tried testing with both but still haven’t triggered this. What columns do you have enabled, and in what order are they arranged left to right? Does this occur in all projects or just one?

Yes I mean the draft folder, I have most of the columns enabled.
Although not any more because I just tried it again and they all disappeared.

When I click on Outliner before I click on the full draft folder then it’s fine.

But occasionally I’ll forget so when I click on the full draft folder and it loads everything, and I then click Ouliner, all of the columns disappear. When I go to enable them all again, they are ticked but not showing up. Even when I click on one that I don’t have enabled It doesn’t show up.

I have to then go to one of the folders and re-enable something else (all the previously used columns are still ticked) but then every single column turns itself on.


Thanks! I’m trying the steps as you describe but, frustratingly, still not getting it. Is there any chance you could take a quick screencast at some point just showing the initial state of the outliner columns, then you doing the switch to Scrivenings, to the Draft, to outliner, etc. with the columns vanishing but still checked, and then the steps you described for trying to re-enable them? I’ll keep poking at this, but the visual might help identify what’s different in your set up from my test project that might be the key to triggering this.

Ignore the blurred out text.

Continued in another post…

As you can see the columns aren’t there but they are ticked in the settings box.


Back to the first part of the original post: I’m chiming in with a request for the ability to add word count targets to folders. I don’t really have targets for scenes, but I do have targets for my chapters. Since my chapters are folders I’ve got no way to display their targets and progress in the Outliner.

I was sure this would be possible - I’m still getting used to the environment - but once I found this topic I saw that I could stop looking.

For the time being I can check the word counts for a selected folder, and that does tell me what I need to know. But I’d like to see it in the Outliner for convenience.