outliner rollover text issue

I bring up a folder with a couple scenes in the outliner. I have the outliner showing Title, Synopsis, Label, Status and Progress. I like this view; it’s exactly what I need at this point!

I swing the mouse pointer across the outliner frame and get rollover/mouseover/hover text showing the contents of the cell under the mouse. Sounds normal.

Two points:
The rollover text is essentially useless and redundant and irritating as the text is already on the screen, under the mouse pointer. The rollover text obscures what I’m looking at. It has a really long timeout, too. Rollover text is supposed to show something about the field, like what it’s used for, not what’s in it and already on the screen. Maybe this could be optional?
The rollover text for the Title field shows the Synopsis text not the Title text. I tried this with the Synopsis field not showing. Title rollover still showed synopsis.
Probably a bug.

Scrivener .35, Windows XP

The roll-over text for any binder item you hover over is always going to be the synopsis. While it might seem useless in this specific scenario, it is more useful when hovering over items in the binder list, or when the synopsis column is hidden in the outliner. As for replacing it with tooltip style help text—I’m not sure what could go here that would be terribly informative.