Outliner: Section Type "Edit" option fails to bring up Project Settings window

Scrivener v3.0.3, Mac OS 10.13.6
Clicking the down-arrow on one outliner row’s Section Type entry, and then selecting Edit… nothing happens.

In my tests:

If a folder or file has sub-documents, clicking Edit opens the configuration window when selected from the lowest-level document in that particular hierarchical branch.

If a folder or file has sub-documents, clicking Edit on a document above the lowest-level document causes the status of the documents beneath it to be checked / changed (though the drop-down menu often obscures the lower items, making it hard to see changes while and if they are being made [this was evident only after I had deliberately messed up the section types assigned to the sub-documents]).

If a folder or file has no sub-documents, clicking Edit opens the configuration window.

Assume all of this is by design. In all cases, Edit does do something, although it doesn’t always open the configuration window.

Same in your experience?

Slàinte mhòr.

I am seeing part of what you are describing, JoRo. It looks like the contextual menu that is used for groups in the outliner doesn’t have the “Edit” function wired up correctly—though I suspect it might be a little less straightforward than that. You can right-click on an item in the binder and get that same exact contextual menu, but it will work there.

The part I do not quite follow is where you say clicking Edit for a group changes the Type assignment of its child items. I could never get anything like that to happen. It might take a specific arrangement in the menu to break in that fashion. How many types do you have in this project, and does this problem occur for you in first (a) a Blank project test and (b) that blank starter test that has been modified to resemble your working project—and if neither of those © by exporting Section Type settings from the WIP to a fresh starter test?

I’ve fixed this for the next update - it looks as though there’s a spot I didn’t update when “As-Is” was removed as a default type and some other changes were made, which is throwing the menu actions off.

Good ole As-Is. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Hello, Ioa.

My interest was spiked by Robert’s post, so I created a sample project to see the issue for myself. Inquisitive much.

Sample project attached.

  1. Choose Edit for the section type of the file called CLICK ME.

  2. The section type window does not open.

  3. All the children of CLICK ME change from Heading to Section, with CLICK ME remaining as Sub-Heading.

Design? Mojave (definitely not complaining about how Mojave rubs along with Scrivener – the risks of beta testing are mine alone)? A quirk particular to this MBP only?

Section Type.scriv.zip (64.8 KB)

Slàinte mhòr.

I see! I think the missing ingredient that I wasn’t trying is that the subdocuments have a Type override applied to them (Heading in this case). It seems the bug causes the override to be reset, reverting them to project structure (Section)—so if they were that way to begin with, as they were in my test, then you don’t see the effect of the bug. (And I can reproduce it on 10.12.6, so it’s not a beta OS thing—it’s probably related to the underlying bug already fixed.)

It’s certainly not the design intent to reset assignments merely by trying to open the Project Settings panel.

Thank you, Ioa.

I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or if Scrivener was trying to reassign section types for the user, but as Robert had already posted the headline issue as a bug, I assumed that any replies would be considered in the round.

I should have tested it on another Mac running High Sierra.

Slàinte mhòr.

As I say, fixed for the next update. :slight_smile: