Outliner strangeness


I thought I could find an answer here.
In my latest project I can’t re-order texts in outliner view in my draft folder anymore. I can drag them, but when dragging the text it only allows me to drag it onto the target, not above or below it. So it creates hierarchies i don’t want. Coincidently also the arrows are inactive and only work for the parent folders.

This works in my other projects and I can’t seem to find what the difference is in the new project.

Are there any suggestions available?
thanks in advance



You have most likely sorted the outliner. Look in the outliner header for one of the column headers having an up or down chevron, indicating a sort. Then click that column header again once or twice until the chevron disappears. You cannot reorder in the outliner when its contents are sorted for obvious reasons.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Dong! That was it.

Interestingly it wasn’t sorted. No chevron was displayed, but clicking it nevertheless a few times unlocked the behavior. So it now allows me to drag and re-order.

could be a tiny interface bug.

thanks for the help