Outliner Target/Progress indicator inaccurate

Scrivener for Windows, Beta 1.5 on Windows 7.

In Outliner view, when I enter a Target value that is LESS THAN the actual Word Count value, the Progress bar goes backwards. For example, if the number of Target words is 1000, but the actual Word Count is 2000, the Progress indicator bar appears as if it’s at 50%. (This may stem from the Progress bar displaying the difference between the target and actual word count, regardless of whether the target is less than or greater than the actual word count.)

Perhaps if the actual Word Count exceeds the Target number, the Progress bar could appear as 100%, but in red, indicating that you’ve exceeded your target. This could help writers keep documents under a specified number of words.

If this suggestion is taken, I would request that the specific color be configurable. For some projects, the target will be a ceiling; for others, a minimum. Seeing red all the time tends to indicate an error, which would be the case if it’s a ceiling but not so much if it’s a minimum.