Outliner: Title and synopsis in one column?

in screenshots of the Outliner taken from the MAC version I often see that the title and synopsis are grouped together in one column, with the title in bold on top, followed by the synopsis text. Is there a way to get this layout in the Windows version as well?


I don’t believe so. If it is in the Mac version, then we’ll presumably see it in the Windows version as it catches up with the Mac version. Personally, I don’t think I favor the combined display of title and synopsis within a single column, unless can be toggled off/on or we get it three ways (title, synopsis, title/synopsis combined). I could be wrong and there may well be good reason for combining.

I think it is very handy, because it trades a lot of (wasted) horizontal space for a separate title column for only one additional line of vertical space per outliner row.