Outliner to affect editor in 3-pane layout

Hi, I love the 3-pane layout. One thing which would make me love it even more is if I could persuade the “other editor” to be tied to whichever group is chosen in the outliner, rather than to the group selected in the binder. At the moment, I like having my whole draft selected in the binder, or perhaps a chapter, so that the outliner shows the structure of the entire thesis. But when I click on a document in the outliner, the scrivenings view correctly shifts to that document within the long list of scrivenings, rather than just displaying the document (or group) on its own. Any way to do this?

if you turn off Scrivenings in the “Other editor”, does that give you what you want?

Do this as follows: Click in the left editor. Press Ctrl+1 to turn off Scrivenings.


You are quite correct. And once upon a time I did know that — and in fact thought I’d tried it, but it turns out my earlier attempt must have been an error between keyboard and chair :slight_smile:

Thank you!