Outliner - Total Progress/Target/&Progress not showing anything in Outliner

I am using the latest beta, however I have seen the same thing in previous.

In my Outliner view I have columns for Word Count/Total Progress/Total Words/Progress/ and Total Target.

The only columns that display anything at all are Word Count & Total Words. The word count and total columns contain the same data. That is, each chapter displays its count total but the Total Words column only displays the word count for that chapter, not as I would assume, a running total for the project. In other words, those two columns display the same data. All other columns related to progress and targets etc are blank.

My project is set up with a Draft Folder and then chapters as individual text folders/files below that. The Project Targets dialogue is filled out.

I have read the manual and as many posts on these kinds of situations as I can find but nothing seems to click with me and I cannot find a way to get those columns to populate with data.

I am some thousands of miles away from my Mac installation so I cannot compare with that to see how it works there but I am pretty sure I had it all working there.

What am I missing? Where have I gone wrong?

I have found that the only way to show those is to set a target for each document. Look for the bullseye in the bottom right corner of your document.