Outliner "Total Target " field includes its own entity in the count

Sorry for the clumsy title!

I have a folder:
…Target of 25,000 words.
…Contains 5 x files, each with Target 5K words.

However, Total Target for the folder appears as 50,000 words!

The field is adding all the Targets, including its own.

I appreciate that a file with child files might itself have a wordcount and target wordcount. However, I think a folder shouldn’t.

If you do not want summation done on container elements, then why not just use the “Target” field? The “Total *” columns were added specifically for those that would prefer to have larger container goals driven by the smaller goals of their constituent parts, rather than having to manage the math themselves.

I’m not sure I understand your response. I think I may have explained myself badly! Here are two folders:


In each case, Total Target = (Total of Targets in the child files) + (Target of the container.)

I want to be able to set a Target for the aggregate contents of the container and compare to the actual Sum of Targets for the child files.

E.g. my First Act should be 20K words. Each scene is planned to be 2K words. I want to see the total of planned words for all those scenes and compare it against the target.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, I think. Don’t forget, parent documents can also include words, so it’s possible to set a target for the parent itself independently of the children – which is what you’re seeing.

If you want set the total target by adding up the sub-targets only, don’t enter anything in the parent target field, only in the sub-documents. You’ll see whether they add up to the right amount by the effect on Total Target.