Outliner view rearranging colums


My outliner view quite often rearranges and resizes its columns. When it happens, all the columns I chose to be displayed (including my custom metadata one - I’m on version 1.7.2) are there, but only the title column is visible at first. This is, because the title column is set so wide, it pushes all the other coulumns out of the frame. Also all the other columns are not in the order I put them before. Thinking about it, the columns might be put in the order they appear in the menu where I select which ones to display. I have to check on that next time it happens.

I can not yet reproduce the error, even though I had it happen several times in the last days alone. It appears, that leaving the outliner view of the manuscript folder, jumping to a different file in the project and then coming back to the main manuscript folder in outliner view trips the error occasionally, but far from any time.

I recently had to reinstall Scrivener (along with my entire system) and the error didn’t stop. System is Win 8.1 all up to date. Upon first start of my project after the reinstall, all columns were displayed correctly.

On a different note - the bullet list system seems to be a little moody. It messes with the page margins when used with the standard manuscript template. Try it. Write a starting line, followed by an empty one and start a bullet list (I like to have an empty line between the introduction and its list). Leave the bullet list, open a new line and compare the page margins.

Oh, and thanks for this amazing piece of software. It is so much more convenient to structure and carry out a project. I really cannot express, how big a step above working with a simple word processor and windows folders it is for me!!!

Thanks for the write-up. Check out this thread for reproduction notes. It sounds like what you are describing matches the problem. If so, we’ve already got it on the list.

On the matter of coming in and out of bullet environments and ruler settings: that is just a side-effect of how Scrivener is a basic rich text editor, not a stylesheet-based word processor. It doesn’t know what “normal” is, to return to.

I either hit Enter twice, past where I intend to insert the list, leaving an empty line so that when I down-arrow out of the list the original paragraph settings are still stored there, or use a Formatting Preset to quickly re-apply body paragraph settings after using the list feature.

Glad to hear the software is helping out!

Yup, looks like this is the same problem. Didn’t find this on a search (used the wrong wording for it, I guess). So thanks for the heads up!

Concerning the formatting issue, I already do what you offered as advice. Problem is, that I don’t always think about it in time and get annoyed then :slight_smile: And even when I do, the editor still behaves strangely sometimes. I can live with that; it does nothing I cannot change manually later. It’s just not as comfortable as it was in MS Word. But then many, many other aspects are way superior, so…

Thanks anyway!!

Yeah, we’re having to build much of our text editor from scratch, so it will be a while before it has as many conveniences as Word does, or anything else that has been out there for ages and had decades of programming time poured into it. We’ve already announced that proper stylesheets are coming, and we hope that we can, as a part of that, get things working more seamlessly between lists and body text.