Outliner View - show more?

I make tons of small documents when I write. Would it be technically feasible for the outliner view to include the text content of a document as an optional column? I am sure the OSX widget has its limitations on what it can show (plain text for sure, but RTF? probably not images). But even a read-only and partial (e.g. no formatting, or no images) view of the document bodies would be hugely helpful.

Specific use case: I want to see how my various synopsis, keywords (thanks for including that in the outliner!!!), etc. flow through my document … including how consistent they are with the body of each document. Currently I can at best see document bodies one document at a time, which totally loses the "flow’ overview I want, specially given I use lots of small documents. So I often end up doing compiles to PDF including what metadata I can, but that is a pain in a review / edit / improve cycle.

Or is there a better way for me to do this?


You can do this with a split editor, having the outliner in one and Scrivenings view in the other. Lock the Scrivenings editor (Opt-Cmd-L) and click the ⇄ button in the footer of the outliner editor to link the two. Then when you click on a row in the outliner, the Scrivenings editor will scroll to the start of that document, allowing you to see the text while keeping your outliner overview.

Perfect, Thanks!