Outliner view word counts

Outliner progress bars for folders do not see to be working. The documents in under the folders will show 100% progress (or whatever progress) and the main folder will be at 0% progress. The word count for the folder will also show 0 but the total word count will show whatever the total is for the documents under the folder.

for example:
folder ---- word count : 0 ------ word count total: 10,000 ------- Progress bar : 0% — target: 10,000
– ch 1 ------wordcount : 3,000 ----- word count total : 3,000 — progress bar: 100% — target: 3,000
– ch 2 ------wordcount : 7,000 ----- word count total : 7,000 — progress bar: 100% — target: 7,000

So, am I doing something wrong?

Folders in Scrivener can contain their own text, just like the document files, so as with documents, “Word Count” and the progress bar here are specifically about the folder’s own text. The “Total Word Count” sums the folder’s text and the text of its subitems, in this case 0 for the folder + 3,000 for the first document + 7,000 for the second. There is no way yet to view this total word count as a progress bar in the outliner, but this will be coming in the future, along with a “Total Target” column to automatically sum the individual targets of the container and subitems.

Thanks for the quick response, I have just started using this and I am hooked.