Outliner view


I am fairly new to scrivener. I wonder if it is possible to get an expanded view of all text in the ‘outliner’ view to edit text and headings simultaneously. I only can get it to show headings (see attached). I am hoping for something like the ‘scrivenings’ view but with outline heading. I have searched for other forum/tech support and videos on this topic but unable to find anything describing the difference and use of ‘outliner’ for this purpose.

Cheers, Peter
ouliner view example.pdf (82.2 KB)

You could show your synopses in the Outliner with your settings, but it appears from your pdf that you don’t have any synopses. So, returning to Scrivenings view, have you tried View > Editor > Show Titles in Scrivenings? (You’d probably find that if the Outliner showed your entire text, it would be impossibly unwieldy; also, I suppose, some might say that the clue is in the name! :wink: )

I knew there must be a simple work-around for this! "Show titles in Scrivenings’ suits my needs.

BTW I still think it should not be a manual process to create ‘synopses’ for outliner view - I would expect something like MS Word’s ability to show/hide levels of headings and body text in outline view. One needs the ability to ‘tinker’ with multiple views without having to initiate some ‘hidden’ semi-manual process.


I’m not quite sure what you mean here. In your PDF image, the outliner is showing both headings (titles) and synopses. However, none of the documents in your outline currently have any synopses associated with them. If you click into one of the rows, placing the cursor at the end of the heading, and hit return, you will be able to start typing the synopsis for that item. There’s nothing “semi-hidden” at all.