Outliner wrapping in Scriv 3.0

In earlier versions of Scrivener, the fields of the Outliner didn’t wrap. Has this changed for 3.0? I’m using more meta-data fields.

V3 has four types of user-definable custom metadata – text, date, checkbox and list.

The Text type does allow you to choose wrapping – the other three don’t of course.

(BTW, I’m fairly sure I remember being able to wrap custom fields in V2, but that could be just the memory playing tricks again. )

Yeah with regards to text field handling nothing much has changed there. You have the option to wrap or unwrap text, and the option to display it in a colour. The new option for Text is alignment, which will mainly be useful in the outliner.

All of that is in the Project/Project Settings… window under Custom Metadata.

Aha! Thank you.