Outlines again

I have a suggestion on how to implement outlines for exported documents which should require minimal coding. It is a bit clunky but saves a lot of extra work.

I have use a program called Keynote (PC only and no longer supported) for years that allows me to automatically add extra text to the headings on export. This is user definable.

My current settings are — %L —%D— %L —

the dashes are just that and %L means output outline level as a number and %D is the heading text, giving headings that look like:
— 2 —This is the heading— 2 —

I have created search and replace macros for Word and NeoOffice that can find the level text and convert the headings to a proper outline for the document. I can upload a sample document and the macro if you are interested.

Quick and easy and does not mess about with the rtf by inserting stylesheets.

PS why have you removed the headings shown in the Scrivenings view that were there on the Gold version