Outlining in binder

Per the diagram in the “help” viewer, the PART ONE folder which I created when I began the project is indented directly under “draft.” The chs that comprise Part One in turn are indented to the right below that.

I have created a PART TWO folder which I now want to insert between chs 6 and 7 but I cannot figure out how to line up PART TWO under PART ONE. Selecting PART TWO and clicking “move to left” drops the PART TWO folder to the bottom of the entire chapter structure. The indent now lines up with PART ONE (which is where I want it) but when I drag it back up between Chs 6 & 7, the indent shifts to the right.

How do I create the same binder structure as in the “help” viewer? This must be simple–or else I’m the simple one but I haven’t been able to make this work.

Thank you for help & guidance…

It sounds like you have something like the left side of the following screenshot. To get it to look like the right side, use the Cmd-Ctrl-LeftArrow keyboard shortcut to do so.

Note all of the arrow keys can be used with this Cmd-Ctrl combination to move the items around intuitively. Play around with it a bit to see how it works and get a feel for it.

You can also drag and drop items around in the Binder to re-organise them. If you find using the mouse easier, this might be preferable. When you drag an item, pay attention to the drop indicator. It will help you see where the item will end up when you drop it. You can also drop items right onto other items to nest them. So in this case it might be easiest to drop “Part Two” onto “Draft”.

Hi Amber…You’re right … my binder looks like your example on the left. Problem is that both drag & drop and the Cmd-Ctrl-LeftArrow keyboard shortcut result in dropping “Part Two” to the bottom of the list of chapters. (There are 17) I want to place “Part Two” between existing Chapters 6 and 7 but place it directly below “Part One” rather than being indented to the same level as the list of Chapters.

Or to put it in terms of your example: I want to place Part Two between Chapters 1 and 2.

Does this make the problem – and hopefully the solution – clearer?


Okay, yes, I think I understand what you are getting at. Basically you want everything Chapters 1–6 to be in Part One, and everything Chapters 7–onward in Part Two, right? This is not a problem. All you need to do then is make sure Part Two is on the same level as Part One (right side of the screenshot), and then select all of the chapters from 7 onward. You can do this by clicking on Chapter 7, and then Shift-clicking on the last chapter in the list. Now drag all of them and drop them onto Part Two.

Now it should look the way you want. :slight_smile: If you want a Part Three, you’ll just need to repeat these instructions for those chapters as well.

Amber, thank you. You solved the problem! I appreciate it…

You’re welcome!