Outlining linking to text

Is there a way for me to link an outline item to a specific page/text in my writing? So then if I double-click “A. Foreword” it would then go to the section in my writing “A. Foreword”?

Chuck Billow

This is what the Binder and the Outline view do: each section is a separate sub-document in the Binder. Suggest you review the Interactive Tutorial if you haven’t already done so.


Katherine I get that part. But then there is no way to have any internal hyperlinks?

Chuck, in Scrivener, internal links are called Scrivener Links.

You can create Scrivener Links to link from text to a document, but you cannot link text to text.


Thanks, Jim

Chuck Billow

Are you trying to create a Table of Contents?


Katherine, in fact that too would be a question, but for now, I am trying to see if I can do either or both of two things: First, have active links that can take a reader to another page or reference – an active hyperlink within a document. From there I would then ask if that could be applied to Tables of Contents as well.

These two issues I would then want to apply to my outline(s) so that the reader, if they saw an outline item they wanted more info on, could, by the link, be taken to more explanatory text.

In most cases, the default setting is to presume you want links to turn into a reader’s tool, so all you have to do is try it and see if that is what you want.

You’ll find more information in §10.1, Linking Documents Together, for an exhaustive rundown of all the ways in which you can use links. Specifically for compiling them, §10.1.4 goes over that topic. There are a lot of options here, but like I say, the defaults are going to produce a sensible result in most cases. It does depend on the type of file you’re making though.

Thanks, I’ll read through it again and see if I have any other questions.