Outlining vs Brainstorming - 2 Corkboard Views

I spent 5 months meticulously researching and outlining my script in Scrivener before I began writing it in Final Draft.

I started over fresh in Final Draft hardly referring to my Scrivener outline. My characters began speaking and acting for themselves. Almost every scene in my Scrivener outline found its way into the script although totally jumbled by the character’s actions.

On page 63 of the script I realized my setup was complete and it was time to cut to the chase. For the first time since I began the script I reverted back to Scrivener to work out the Obligatory Scenes in the script’s ending.

The white cards are the characters and the blue cards are the obligatory scenes. I can now go back to Final Draft knowing exactly what’s going to happen in the last 40 pages and how the story will end.

All in a day’s work thanks to Scrivener - 2 corkboard views and uses - outlining and brainstorming.

Thanks. This was really helpful. I just reorganized my index cards to show plots with different colors, and POV stamps. :smiley: Rita

Your concept of coloring the index cards is great - but I guess I’m missing something. I’ve read other posts and tried different things, but I can’t get the index card color to change. I can only change the icon color. What’s the trick?

I suspect View/Index Cards/Tint Cards with Label Color is what you are looking for. :slight_smile:

I tried that. Nothing happens. Only the icon in the upper left corner is the label color. The index card color is apparently set in the fonts & colors section of the preferences window, and that is the only way I can change it, affecting all cards.

Have you changed the actual label of a scrivening (using the inspector)? I find it a little counter-intuitive, but that’s mainly because I haven’t worked out how/if/when to use labels and colours properly yet (I tend to write in one voice throughout, a lot of folk here seem to use it to track perspective - I’m trying it out for story arcs at present but it’s a pretty crude use - if the same colour’s in a sequence of three, I break it up with another… )

It defaults to no label which is white.

Icon colour is also set by label, so if icons are being coloured but cards are not, the problem is likely due to having the opacity set far too low. Check the “Pin/label tint opacity” slider in the “Colors and Fonts” section of preferences.

The opacity slider did it!
Thx Amber - I am now looking at a multi-colored corkboard. Great tip!