Outlining: Workaround or Feature Request?

When I’m outlining, I write longer titles – which mostly aren’t visible in Scrivener iOS, even in Expanded mode. This makes it very difficult to restructure the outline.

Is there a workaround so I can see more of the title when viewing the binder outline or moving documents around? If not, this is a feature request: a third option for the binder besides Compact and Expanded that is Full Screen. I’m hoping this is a simple add, or there’s some workaround already that I’m not aware of. (And congratulations on such a feature-rich Scrivener for iOS! So many clever iOS-specific tools!)

Yes, I’d also like a fullscreen binder, making it actually an outliner.

I’m having the same problem with outlining. It would be helpful if the sidebar can be dragged to the right or expanded in some way. Even an option for turning off the truncating of titles.

I was going to add this to the wish list, but I will add it here since it is already a thread of sorts.

I too would love to have the full screen outliner view that is available on the Mac version. I like to have the various columns and be able to check, for instance, the progress of different portions of a project (am I reaching my word count projects?). And I always thought that one of the ways I would like to use Scrivener on the iPad is for organizational tasks on a project: moving sections around, checking on their status, adjusting word count targets, etc. I just haven’t yet figured out a way to do those things as smoothly with the current iPad version. So that for me, would actually be a “key” feature.

Still, I’m blown away with what you have done here. This is one of the best iPad apps ever.

As an inveterate outliner/text chunk mover, I second, or rather fifth this request.

As an outline/tracking tool – create a basic or complex outline document for the project, stash it in the research folder and also make it a Quick Reference. Update it as needed.

Yes, scshrugged, thanks for the idea to use a simple list as a workaround. Of course, this means first moving and nesting the bullet points of the structure, then repeating all of this to conform the actual structure of the draft, which may well have notes inside each document. Then you’d have to repeat this double process each time the outline is revised. It seems (from a non-programmer point of view) that because the mechanism is already there and working in Scrivener, it’d be a short hop to making it all more visible. I’m sure there are other things on Keith & Co’s to-do list, but it’d potentially double the usefulness of Scrivener when away from the computer if this change were, in fact, relatively simple to do! I hope it winds up on the list for a future update.

I’d love to see the outliner come to iOS and I rarely use the corkboard.

That said, I know I would still prefer the luxury of outlining on the macOS version when my laptop is plugged into a honking big external display so I’m not sure how much I’d actually use it in iOS on my iPad Mini :smiley: