Does anyone regularly use Scrivener with Omni Outliner? I like OO for outlining more than scrivener, but I’d like to be able to integrate the two. I know you can import opml files (from OO to Scrivener) but when you do it, links and webpages and attached files lost turned into plain text. As well, and more annoying, if you write paragraphs in OO (e.g. a paragraph of the final essay) they get turned into headings in Scrivener. Is there a way to import OPML into Scivener such that (1) links stay as marked as links (e.g. links to DevonThink files) and that (2) written paragraphs might get included in the ‘scivenings’/body section of Scrivener entries instead of in the title?

THanks! b

I do use the Scrivener and OmniOutliner. The problem is that any text you want to go into the body of a document in Scrivener has to be in the notes area of an OmniOutliner entry, not in a lower level entry, if you see what I mean …

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