Outlinner very sluggish and acting Wonky

The outliner in Beta 13, version (64 bit) is very sluggish. If I add a column or resize a column it goes into a long lag of thirty to forty-five seconds. Also, the outliner will sometimes rearrange itself, placing the columns in different order. The order is always different. I thought, perhaps I had a corrupted installation. Redownloaded the 64 bit installer and reinstalled. Nope. Outliner is still sluggish and wonky. Any Ideas?

Hmm. The rearrangement thing has been there since a while. It’s gotten better, but hasn’t really been fixed.

It’s slower than Beta 12 was; I get several seconds of delay when I add custom metadata. In trying to reproduce Miik’s problem with delay, I got about 40 seconds of delay in adding a text field to custom metadata, and about 20 seconds in adding a date field. Adding them to the outliner caused significant delays.

This should not be; custom metadata is not stored in the content files; it’s stored in the .scrivx file. And I understand about adding it to a hundred entries in that file, but still.

Yes, the rearrangement issue when adding/changing custom metadata is a known issue.

As for the lag, has that continued in the new beta? Gotten better? Gotten worse?

Thank you for your help with this!

I don’t have any problem with the outliner. I have a project with 80K words. I can add columns, rearrange columns, add and modify custom meta-data in the outliner, and the response is immediate.

Windows 64