Output to ePub

When Scrivener exports to ePub for Kindle does it include WordWise, Page Flip, Enhanced Typesetting and Audible narration (ready) compatibility?

I’m a little confused – I thought mobi was the Kindle format, not ePub. As far as I know, when you output to mobi, Scrivener produces an ePub file and then runs it through KindleGen (if you have it on your machine). So wouldn’t that depend on what version of KindleGen you’re using to enable those features?

The latest advice from L&L is to download Kindle Previewer, as the version of KindleGen that comes with that is newer than the version you can download yourself.

Thank you! Yes I did mean mobi, sorry (I was thinking mobi but obviously not thinking hard enough to reach my fingers). Good tip about the download.