Outputting just the binder titles to a file

Although I find Scrivener brilliant for organising my scenes, I’m now halfway through a novel and need to see what I have on one page rather than the several screenfuls of binder content.

So, what I want to do is effectively a very minimal compile, where the only thing that gets output to a file is the binder headings – with none of the document contents.

Is there a way to do this? Either via Compile or some other method?


Try the outline view (unless you need it in a separate file). It’s in the group of 3 icons in the middle of your toolbar, being the right-most icon. You can remove any other information from that view, leaving just titles to be seen, although how that will be better than the binder itself for viewing titles all in a list, I’m not sure.

There’s an “Outliner” compile preset that you could tweak to just have titles (instead of adding in synopses as well) if you really want it in another document.

Yes, there is a super easy way to do this. The compiler is very flexible, and can do a lot more than just make manuscripts. We’ve included a couple of compile presets which generate outlines for you. I’d recommend looking at the Formatting compile option pane when you select “Outliner” or “Enumerated Outline”, and note how the checkboxes change—and for Enumerated Outline, how level based format rules are added (so that we can create an indented list). It sounds to me as though Outliner will be a better starting point. You’ll want to dump the “Synopsis” checkmarks unless you want those—but note the columns here. You may find these useful in generating reports for yourself.

Don’t forget to save your current compile settings to a preset, before doing any of this, if you’ve spent any time adjusting them or started with a template.

Robert, how it will be better is once I have the headings as a single file, I can lay them out (in Powerpoint, just because I know that app well) in several columns on a single sheet of A4, so I can view the whole structure at once.

That will show me where I need to add scenes, and I will then do that part directly within Scrivener.

Amber, thanks! That sounds perfect, so I will give that a go.

Just to confirm that I finally got around to this, and it worked perfectly, thanks.

The only oddity was that not all levels of document are checked by default, so the first output had only the acts rather than the scenes, but as soon as I checked the rest of the title boxes all was well.