overall length monitoring?

I’m a biologist, new to Scrivener, considering changing my paper-writing workflow to use it instead of Microsoft Word. If, as I understand, the idea is to write it in Scrivener and then Compile or export to Word before submitting it to a journal, is there any convenient way to know how many pages of Word my document would take up, before doing the whole export step and opening it in Word? Can Scrivener have a live view (or a menu item of some sort) that would show me, given a particular output style, how long the final product will be?

If you go to Project > Project Statistics, there’s a page count available which will tell you how many pages there will be when you compile. It can’t give you the exact number of pages you will have in Word, given that the layout engines are different so there’s no way for Scrivener to know exactly how Word will layout the text. But it can give a rough idea based on how it lays out the same text. It’s not live, seeing as it has to run a compile in the background to work this out based on all the current settings.

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