Overall Target vs. Sum of File Targets?

didn’t find an answer to this so I hope it’s OK to post it. :slight_smile:

for my first draft I set a target goal of 100k words in the “project targets” window. however, this was a ballpark. for each file in my outline I have set a target in the “target” column.

my question is: is there a function in v2 that will compare the sum of my targets in the outline column to the overall target I set? I can do this manually, and that’s acceptable, but I thought perhaps this had already been addressed. maybe other writers do this differently (this is my first novel-length piece of writing) so I’m a little lost on the goal front.

advice about Scrivener or about an approach to this issue appreciated. thanks!

  • I think this product is really, really impressive and not sure how I ever thought I’d attack such a large project (large for me) without this kind of structure.


There’s not a way to compare explicitly, but you can turn on the “Total Target” column in the outliner, which will show the totals for each folder, or use Scrivenings on the entire Draft folder to see the total target and progress represented in the footer bar as an accumulation of your individual targets.

Thanks for the kind words!

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Thanks, Keith. I did learn (by searching here) about how I could get the total words in a folder using the outline view (I didn’t seem able to get the “scrivenings” view to give me that).

for those trying to accomplish the same thing, I just exported the outline as a CSV file, cleaned it a little (because it shows both the target for the folder and target for the files in the folder – so that’s double-dipping) and summed the column. tada! about 4 mins work.

for now this solution is just peachy but I wonder if this might not be useful for a future rev – though clearly not that critical, it seems a trivial addition to the project stats window. (but, yes, I know that things that seem trivial sometimes are not so I won’t hold my breath or moan about it.)