Overlapping text and citation; End of paragraph getting kicked to next page

Hi there,

I’ve spent the last three days straight on Scrivener 3 (Windows) and I’ve figured a lot of stuff out thanks to youtubes and this forum, but I’m stumped on a few formatting issues:

  1. in a couple of places my text is overlapping my citations at the bottom of the page, rather than leaving space for the citations and jumping the text down to the next page.

  2. At the end of a few of the chapters (where there is a citation), it seems to be kicking a chunk of the end of the paragraph to the next page, even when there is still plenty of room for text on the page.

  3. Finally, and this is a more minor issue, but at some of the pages mid-section the first line will be indented just a bit, but this only happens every so often.

Any ideas??

Thanks. (I’m so close to having this finished!!)