Overly Aggressive Auto-correct

Thanks Russ, I was able to figure it out shortly after posting the question.

On that same topic though, I have stumbled across another issue that I brought up (here, [url]Auto-correction substitution - curious behavior]) but have not seen any responses on yet.

I was using the auto-correction’s substitutions feature to catch non-standard names as well my habitual mistypings but have had to remove some from the list because of curious conflicts. Without any responses to my question, I am unable to determine if this behavior is considered normal or glitchy.

Thanks for the input Russ.

True, statistics will support one word being mistyped a particular way more than another but, from this writer’s perspective, the result of the auto-correction action is incorrect if it makes a selection that is not what I intended. Any number of substitutions may be correct for the computer to choose from a statistical perspective but when there is an actual word that someone is attempting to type (but mistypes) and the computer attempts to fix but assumes something different, the resulting word is considered incorrect. The actions I’m judging as correct or incorrect is whether the computer properly acted on the writer’s behalf.