Overly Thin Resize Handles[BUG LOGGED]

This is a minor issue, and may very well fall more under “feature request”, but I’d still like to get it out there.

I feel like the boundaries between the different panels, which can be gripped to resize things, are too thin on the Windows version. I am talking about (for example) this:

You will notice that the line between the binder (or rather, its scrollbar) and the content pane is one pixel. In order to grab the line to resize, you must position the cursor over that one pixel, or else you won’t grab it. This can make it rather annoying and frustrating when you’re trying to resize things, because hitting a one-pixel target is hard.

On the Mac version, the line is still one pixel wide, but the resize handle occurs over about 4 pixels (all to the left of the line, oddly enough). This makes it much, much easier to grab when needed.

I imagine this is because of how Cocoa renders windows, as opposed to QT.

What I suggest is (in the Windows version) to either somehow allow the resize handle to snap on a several-pixel area around that line, or to simply make the line a little thicker, so there’s something more to grab on to. I think this could probably be done without ruining the aesthetic effect, though obviously too thick would.

Just a thought, but it would be nice to not have to keep trying to get my mouse over that one single pixel horizontally so I can resize stuff.

I agree with this! Usually the resizable “dividers” in Windows are grey, 3D and just a little thicker/more obvious. They are not ugly at all and are easier to manipulate.

Another advantage that the Mac has over the 4px buffer is that by convention there should be a “drag strip” on one end of the line, so even if you can’t get the mouse positioned just right, you can use a big 16 x 16px box to move the split point around.

I think I agree with the original assertion though—it might look nicer to have a solid grab surface. Mac interface is kind of optimised for that 1px look—it doesn’t use any 3d drawing (unless you count drop shadows) and here I think the 3d drawing around the split conflicts with the single-pixel look.

If you actually tried dragging to resize it, it seems to mimic Mac behaviour. Run your cursor over the border, then once you see the “<->”, stop and try to resize it. It should technically work. I’ll put up a video shortly.

Edit: Nevermind.

Video’s uploading. It is kind of difficult to resize the windows :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I did resize stuff. I’m just saying getting the cursor to the point where it will resize is the hard part :smiley:

Agreed. I will add this to the fix list.